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      It is easy to treat God like a dating relationship that you don’t put much into. That relationship won’t go anywhere until you invest something into it. At some point, you have to stop being cheap with God, spend time with Him, and get to know Him. Presented by […]

  • Just Let Me Be Your Father!

    Just Let Me Be Your Father!

      You’ve probably read Psalm 23–you know, the one that starts with, “The Lord is my Shepherd”. But have you ever read it like you were one of His sheep in the Psalm? If you read It like a sheep, it will change the way you see your Heavenly Father, […]

  • Be Careful What Comes Out of Your Mouth

    Be Careful What Comes Out of Your Mouth

      When we face national leaders that sometimes do things we know are wrong, our response should not be condemnation or hatred–it should be love. It’s ok to stand up and state a position, but not to mock them. We aren’t them and we don’t know what they are facing. […]

  • The Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence

      The writers of the Declaration of Independence were men of God from all walks of Christianity, and they knew all authority came from God. Faced with more and more unrighteous laws from King George, they determined to build a country on the inalienable rights that came from God. Have […]

  • It All Boils Down To Love

    It All Boils Down To Love

      Who is God? What is He like? God has been often portrayed falsely throughout history. How can we tell the truth from the lies? God’s Word makes it clear Who He is, and Who He isn’t. In particular, there is one part of the Bible that makes it very […]

  • Take What Is His

    Take What Is His

      God’s passion is to have us stand up and represent Him as King and Priest. It’s time to push off the feet of darkness off our neck, get up, and sit down in the seat of the throne. But first, we have to wake up… Presented by Senior Pastor […]


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Community Church of Pine Run

Over 150 years ago a church was planted in Washington Township and the new congregation members were farmers and local families in the community. Today, Community Church of Pine Run is a family of believers that reflect its deep roots. The lessons of the past and the sound biblical principles that have guided them for generations provide valuable lessons for today. The warmth and friendliness of its members will greet you when you visit and make you feel right at home. Watch Pastor Joshua Strunk’s interview as he tells you about the church. Watch The Video