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Welcome to Kiski Valley Inspired

The mission of Kiski Valley Inspired is to present family-friendly, engaging and inspirational multimedia-based content to the people of the Kiski Valley region. Live streaming video events, as well as taped and archived events and news articles, will be added as opportunity arises. Check back often for new content and be sure to sign up for email notifications of upcoming events and news.

The Kiski Valley region is a wonderful place to live, work, play, worship and raise a family.

We are moms balancing family and work each day to keep the bills paid. We are assembly line workers who snap it all together for a better tomorrow. We are nurses and doctors pouring out compassion to our neighbors. We are school teachers dedicated to molding one more mind on its journey to a lifetime of success. We are community leaders who stretch an extra penny out of every dollar to keep us safe and comfortable. We are police officers and firefighters who lay it all on the line every day to keep us secure. We are executives and business owners who gamble their futures every day in a frightening economy, affording others opportunity to provide for their families. We are the moms and dads, friends and family, who work all day and then volunteer evenings to make a better life for our children. We are organizations focused on service to others and to our communities. We are food banks ever ready to offer refuge, food and shelter in times of need. We are the priests, pastors, elders, deacons and church members who stand firm against the tide of darkness threatening to wash away our dignity.  And we are the soldiers, sailors and airmen who hold vigilant guard over here, and far from home. We are inspired each day by the life we have been blessed to share in this region. We are the Kiski Valley.

Did you know

The Kiski Valley Inspired web site that you are viewing now is built as a, “Responsive Website.” This enables you to better view the web site on a variety of media devices from smart phones, tablets, IPads, Computers etc. You can take the inspiration with you!

Kiski Valley Inspired applauds and supports

the churches, schools, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, safety & fire departments, service organizations and neighborhoods in and around the communities of Apollo, Leechburg, Vandergrift, Orchard Hills, Lower Burrell, New Kensington, Paulton, Avonmore,  Truxall, Salina, Bell Point, North Apollo, Hyde Park, Markle, Spring Church, Freeport, Bagdad, Oklahoma, Gilpin Township, Allegheny Township, Washington Township, and Kiskiminetas Township, of the Kiski Valley region in southwest Pennsylvania.



Our current content originates from Grace Community Church, 305 Emerson Street, Vandergrift/Kiski Valley, PA. If you have been inspired by our broadcasts, you are invited to join us in person. It’s easy to visit Grace Community Church. Get your questions answered, find out what the Sunday Service is like, get directions, plan your visit, get to know the people, check out the schedules, and more … visit gracechurchlife.com for more details, or phone 724-568-1566 for info.

It is our hope to afford opportunity for other churches, ministries, faith-based and public service organizations across the Kiski Valley to inspire our viewers with original content. If your church or organization is interested please contact Mr. Steve Myers at steve@kiskivalley.com



Kiski Valley Inspired is a ministry of Inspired Ministries, Inc.